Free Samples Storage Idea

So I have been wanting to tell you guys a great way to store all of the freebies and samples that I post. I know it can be a hassle once you recieve them, to store them someplace, so I wanted to share with you, what I do for all of my free samples. Check it out:

I use a storage tote to store my samples in, and these (like the one above) can be purchases at walmart for a good price. When trying to figure out which container to buy, you want to remember that it has to be stored somewhere, so go for one that is not to wide, but can still hold alot.

After you have decided which one you want, it might seem kind of plain. So a great way to get it decorated, and also to get your kids busy, would be for them to color on plain white printer paper, and you sort of make a collage out of their drawings.

Let me know if you have other ideas on where you store your freebies. 🙂


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2 responses to “Free Samples Storage Idea

  1. Sandra Toney

    Great freebie idea!!

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