Worms on a Bun + Putrid Punch

Worms on a Bun

This is just a twist on the old ‘hot dog on a bun’.

What you’ll need

Hot dogs

Hamburger rolls


Cut the hot dogs into thin slices and score the edges (about three cuts per slice).

  • Boil or microwave until the slices curl like wiggly worms. Serve three or four worms to a bun.
  • For an extra-icky touch, add a few squiggles of ketchup and serve with Putrid Punch (shown in image).

Putrid Punch

Helpful Tip: Be sure to freeze your worm cubes before the party.

1 13-oz. package lemon-lime Kool-Aid

1 cup sugar

8 cups water

1 can frozen orange juice concentrate

4 cups ginger ale

Worm cubes (ice cubes with gummy worms frozen inside)

3 scoops orange sherbert

  • This sick-colored punch looks disgusting but tastes divine. Empty the Kool-Aid package into a punch bowl. Add the sugar, then the water and stir until dissolved. Stir in the orange juice. Just before serving, add the ginger ale and worm cubes and float the scoops of sherbert on top. Before long, the punch will be green and infested with worms. Serves 14.

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